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ZAGROS DERAKHSHAN production industries company is one of the greatest producers of porcelain products (replaced for stone) in Iran which has commenced its activity since 2007 using the latest technologies and machinery in it’s production line of different types of porcelain products with capacity of production 5 million m² porcelain tiles.

This company benefiting modern technology facilities, latest technical knowledge of an area of 100,000 sqm in one of the greatest industrial town of Iran (Eshtehard industrial town) 100 KM away of capital (Tehran), with a great geographical situation for easy accessibility via air, ground and road transportation network infrastructures to domestic and foreign target markets and this company’s adjacency with the mines required for this industry, is an advantage for this company for raw materials.

Zagros Derakhshan Co. employed experienced engineers and experts of this industry and established close relationship with scientific and academicals centers of the state while giving professional education to human resources has taken great steps towards producing ensured quality and applying such facilities, it has been a distinguished production unit among its competitors and has produced different types and sizes of porcelain with different thicknesses of 3-30 mm and 20x20, 60x120 dimensions based on target market demands for using in building façade, (using on behalf of stone), indoor and outdoor for walls, floors and steps. This company produces full body, polished, glazed, ordinary, polished - glazed products and different types of stone with porcelain base applying its technological capacity in order to fulfill the target markets requirements.

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